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"What If We Told You, There is a Photocopy Shop in Singapore That Can Take Away All Your Work and Stress for Photocopying Documents?"


Do you have to stand all day in front of the photocopy machine? Or having to stay back late just to staple and punch holes on the photocopied notes for tomorrow's classes? And still need to sort them out into their various classes? Or you know there is a tight dateline and the photocopy machine breaks down?

It is common to say "everyone can use a photocopy machine." How difficult can it be? Put the original on the scanning glass, type in the number of copies needed and press the green button. Right?

Maybe not. What happens if the paper gets jammed in the photocopy machine? You may need someone else to come assist you. Or the problem is more complicated than it looks and the servicing company can only arrange a serviceman to look at it 2 days later?

By now you would have probably send the documents to the nearest photocopy shop. There are plenty of photocopy shops in Singapore, but will the photocopy shop you go to give you great copies at a reasonable price? By the time you finally found one in Singapore, that particular photocopy shop may not be that near anymore.

There must be a simpler way to find an ideal photocopy shop with excellent service in Singapore. Yes, you can. It is here at where you will find all the support you need for a complete photocopy service.

"Why Choose Us"


  1.  We can answer all your questions and give you an instant quotation to suit your budget.

  2.  We will provide FREE stapling, hole-punching and sorting service.

  3.  We will even deliver it to you FREE, if your total bill is more than S$50.00. Delivered on time, every time.

  4.  All photocopy service will undergo 100% Q.C. check before actual production.

"What Does It Benefit You?"


  1.  You save time from going to the photocopy shop.
  2.  You save money because of our affordable price.
  3.  Your photocopied documents will be ready for immediate use once you receive it.
  4.  You don't need to worry about the quality of the photocopied materials.

For More Information and Inquiries

Call Edwin at 9006 9106 or email

IMPORTANT NOTE: Complete information for the following satisfied customers are available upon request. These are honest feedbacks from our customers, they were not offered any bribes, money or discounts for doing this.

"Knowing Edwin and having him take care of our printing needs is definitely a blessing to us. Due to the nature of our business, we have many printing requests that need fast turnaround - almost immediately. We are thankful to Edwin who are always willing to try his best to accommodate to our tight delivery schedule and ad hoc requests. At times, it may mean sacrifices on his end to support us. He did all these at no extra cost on us! To have many documents printed in various forms - different orientation, paper color, stapling, sorting by quantities, hole-punching, labeling, etc., is really a chore without Edwin. This is the best service provider I have encountered so far. He never failed us once for the past more than a year since I got to know him."


Need to Photocopy Something Urgently?



Edwin Tan



+65 9006 9106


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Our Customer List

"Thank you Edwin for consistantly providing quality products. The benefits of your value-added services and timely delivery are deeply appreciated too. Exceptional quality indeed."


"I would personally say your service is good, fast and neat. Quality is good and I seldom come across mistake e.g. Last page missing or blank page in between. Other services like stapling and all makes our work easy for sorting after your delivery (Thank you for that). Delivery is a no problem since we communicate and check on our availability and notes are sent on time. And I would also add on that my last minute printing orders are also been taken care and deliver on time and it gives me a sense of security to print from you."


"The quality of Tydale's photocopies/products are superior. The benefits of Tydale's other services are superb as well. The result is very well organized, very clean and neat. There was almost zero mistakes done from the instructions given. The delivery process is always on time (if not, in time) which is outstanding. Overall rating, we would give 5 out of 5 from all Tydale's services provided for us."


"I would like to provide my feedback on your services which you have provided for Hope Community Kindergarten (CCK). All these years, you have given good service to us with regards to being reliable & dependable. I can always rely on you for a job well done. My staff and I are very satisfied with your services & we hope to continue to have a good business rapport with you in the months to come."

                                                                                              - Principal / Hope Community Kindergarten (CCK)

"Your service is excellent! You have always been prompt in your delivery of the printing. I really appreciate my printing being stapled, sorted clearly. Such extra services have been helpful. Thank you so much for your service. I have always look forward to working with you for the printing of my centre's worksheets."

                                                                                                       - Business Owner / KIP McGrath (Tampines)

"Personally, I think your quality is very good. No smudges or misalignments which I have seen before in other materials photocopied in large quantities. Words are always crisp and clean, in fact shading is also very well controlled. From my experience so far, the labelling and packing services seems to be well done considering I have not heard any feedback that my materials have gone missing."


"Tydale's quality of photocopy is very good. Paper is of good quality. There is no smudging of ink. Papers are well stapled too. Value-added services like stapling, hole-punching, sorting and packing is very beneficial to me and our organization. Saves us a lot of time and convenience. Yes, I like your delivery arrangements. Especially for bulk orders, being able to delivery is a decisive factor and hence the delivery arrangement is commendable. Price is extremely reasonable. Service is good as well. We are extremely satisfied."


"Tydale's quality of photocopies are good. Compared to other places, ink is clearly printed & not smudged in anyway.  Prices are also reasonable. Yes, value-added services like stapling, hole-punching, sorting and packing are very useful and crucial. The services you provide makes documents, bound books ready to use upon arrival. No need to spend extra time to sort out :) Delivery arrangements are good." 


"It's been a pleasure working with Tydale Services. Kindly see my feedback below. Looking forward to engaging your printing services in the near future. Tydale's print-outs are clear and without missing pages or smudges. Excellent and hassle-free value-added servcies. Keep up the good work! Delivery arrangements are prompt and super-efficient!"


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